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Focusing on Maine

Thanks to Everybody Who Made Qualifying Contributions! We Reached the Threshold to Qualify for Clean Election Fund Financing!

Why I'm running

National issues and agendas are impinging on local and state issues, influencing various members of the present majority in Maine government to channel bad one-size-fits-all philosophy into Maine politics. This is creating avoidable problems for Mainers.

Here is what I want for Gorham, and all of Maine:

  • Our children are safely able to stay in school, best preparing them for a prosperous future.

  • Parents are in control of what their kids are learning and their developmental needs, in consultation with educators.

  • Daily living is affordable for ALL Mainers, not just the wealthiest.

  • Energy costs are as low as possible for Mainers and Maine businesses, keeping prices low for food and everyday items.

  • A robust and solvent Maine healthcare system unencumbered by harmful COVID shutdowns and staffing policies which put all Mainers and healthcare workers at risk. 

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