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Issues & Positions - What I Will Do in the Senate

Education: Empower Families to Find the Best Education

1.  Enhance focus on trades, technical, and vocational education programs in Maine high schools. Mainers want their children prepared for good paying careers, and not everybody is cut out for an expensive four year degree.

2. Provide for transparency so that parents know what is being taught to their children.

Economy:  Create an Economy for the Future

1. Enact legislation that allows Mainers to keep more of what they earn and attract good-paying jobs to the state.

2.  Reduce taxes on individuals and businesses to be more in line with its neighbors in the region.

3. Expand access to childcare by reducing cumbersome regulations that get in the way of bringing child-to-staff ratios into line with regional and national norms.

4. Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money by independently auditing every single state department.

Elections:  Ensure Elections are Free and Fair

1. Ensure free and fair elections by requiring Maine residents to show photo identification to in order to vote, provided free by the state.

Welfare:  Ensure Accountability in the Welfare System

1. Ensure the welfare system is STRONG for those who need it WHILE incentivizing personal independence: Require able-bodied welfare recipients to be EITHER actively looking for work or to be actually working.

2.  Require regular drug testing for all welfare recipients.

3. Protect those who truly need the Welfare system AND taxpayers. Crack down on fraud and abuse of the system by:
 * Prohibit cash withdrawals from EBT cards.
 * Require SNAP cards to bear a photo of the recipient.

Health Care:  Provide Quality and Affordable Health Care

1. Protect vulnerable seniors by increasing funding and reimbursement rates at nursing homes and long-term care facilities to ensure there are enough safe and qualifies staff to provide the seniors with care.

2.  Reduce health care costs for all: 
 * Incentivize competitions among and between medical providers.
 * Improve the quality of care by attracting more qualified health care workers by recognizing and honoring medical licenses from other jurisdictions 

Public Safety: Combat Trafficking & Its Effects

1. Protect Maine families and children by significantly increasing penalties for drug and human trafficking.

2. Help those with addictions live productive lives by forgiving minor drug-related convictions after one year of sobriety and employment. 

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